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Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

* ~ ! LoVe SToRieS
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Here's a place where all the love-struck kids out there can tell about things their significant other has done for them, with them, or having to do with them.

*Any off-topic posts (i.e., things having to do with BAD things your significant other has done to you or anyone else in the past or in the present) WILL be deleted.
*Any harassing on the part of YOU (the member) will automatically result in being banned from the community.
*Be POLITE! If someone else thinks that what someone has done for them is incredibly sweet, let them be. Don't go off and make fun of their experience, we're all sure yours are just as 'weird'.

This is a pretty broad topic, so I'm sure there will be some... erm, odd posts. That's cool, as long as there is NO explicit detail (if the post has anything to do with sexual acts, please refrain from posting anything you wouldn't want your mother seeing) and NO pictures unless behind an LJ cut (If you have any questions about HTML-related stuff, all the answers are in the FAQ section of Livejournal). You MAY promote your community as long as you only make a post of that nature ONCE and ONLY ONCE. I'm pretty lenient right now, and if the community grows, I may be a little bit more strict. So if you like, feel free to join!! :D