Sarah Elizabeth Dove-Miller (stareyedunicorn) wrote in mushy_gushy,
Sarah Elizabeth Dove-Miller


by Sarah M. Dove
Dedicated to Louis A. Miller

I was thinking that
maybe this was meant to be
you know the way we always fall
together, pulled as if
the tide magnetic to the moon
making her rounds through
the sky connected by a thread
raising and lowering the blinds
to the world which is so uncertain

how you make me feel secure you
hold me in a tight embrace without
even being near
me i feel your love
the way you jump even though
you don't need to I would
never ask it of you and yet you
near touch the sky, so blue
all the time because of you. even
the grey is not so sad.

you make sure when
rain falls that I am
taken care of your body
covers mine sheilded from harsh
winds and cold in your kiss
i taste the sweetness in your words
i hear the gentle sounds of
the eternal heartbeat

so warm, so safe so well don't
wonder if i know how you love
me so completely almost
effortlessly you sing my
soul to sleep each
night a lullabye
meant just for me in your embrace
i know i am
taken care of i am
i am
in your arms.

This was written for my fiance who I will be marrying in less than a month (actually a little more than 2 weeks)
Just thought I'd share. We've been in love for 5 years now- since we were sixteen. We met online when we were 14, and in person when we were 16 . Been through a lot together and now it's just time to tie that knot for keeps.
He's a dashing rogue and serviceman- he works for the coastgaurd... and he is without a doubt the warmest most intriguing soul I've ever met.
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