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hey kids
I'm new to this here community.

Me and my first boyfriend Max have been going out for a little under a month, alright its 19 days, 7 hours, and 1 minute haha. So we live about 30 minutes away and neither of us can drive so it limits the amount of time that we can see each other, although we do talk on the phone daily for and hour or so *gush*. Yesterday was actually the first time I saw him since the day we became an item and I had only seen him once before that, all of the other interaction has been online or on phone. So I was pretty excited as you might imagine. It was a double date type thing and we went to see Big Fish, and up until when we got into the theatre it was sorta awkward as we're both pretty shy. But we sat down and we were kind of getting situated when he suddenly turned me to face him and kissed me right on the lips. It was oddly calm to me, as most people always claim kisses (especially first ones) are exciting. Not that I wasn't excited, it was just comfotable, which I guess is good. He then put his arm around me and we snuggled together and he kissed me on the cheek. A little while later, he turned me again and gave me two longer kisses, and I must say the sudden way he was doing that was wonderful. BUt for the rest of the time we just rested on each other and I never felt more natural in my life than in that position, despite my outspoken friend Mariah's comments every once and a while that there was a negative amount of space between us, not really in a makeout type way, we didn't make out, we were just very close and warm. SO the movie ended and we contined to hold hands all the way to the sushi restaurant tha we were going to. After sushi, we walked around a bit with the other kids, and they decided we needed alone time and ditched us. Now, remeber we're shy and weren't going to start making out right there by the side of the road, so we just walked around a bit trying to find them but couldn't so we ended up just wandering until it was time for his mom to take him home. We were walking towards the parking lot where he was to leave but we paused and he leaned down and kissed me but just as it began my friend walked over and we stopped. At first I was a bit aggrivated that she had interupted, but she was hurrying to tell us that his mom was right behind her, so I was glad after all. I gave him a goodnight hug and he left. It was one of the best nights of my life, but I get to see him next friday (!), and the week after that is our one month anniversary. Ah yay. As stupid and teenage as this sounds, I really think I love him. Even before I met him I had this remarkable connection, and being around him just completes me. I never feel nervous, although a bit shy. I would love to grow old with this boy.
Thanks for listening to a hopeless romantic.
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