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Written October 10, 2003 by Matthew [24 Jan 2007|01:48pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

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Over the past few days, I have been really upset. The idea of my aunt dying is really taking a toll on my daily life. Not that I want anything to happen to someone else, but my aunt happens to be my favorite relative. What upsets me even more is what my father said the other day. The man cannot come to grips with reality. Everything just somehow always relates to God. His sister is dying and he can still manage to say it is the will of God. Just writing this down almost brings me to tears. I am really confused.

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Written October 4, 2003 by Matthew [29 Dec 2006|02:01pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Last night, Katlyn and I went to the city to get some Italian food. I cannot even remember the last time I went to an upscale restaurant. Usually I would prefer Japanese food, especially sushi, but Katlyn seems to be a big fan of Italian. I could tell how much she loved Italian food by the way she could pronounce everything on the menu.

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Written September 23, 2003 by Matthew [01 Oct 2006|02:13am]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Today, after my morning classes, I had lunch with Katlyn again. Having lunch together has become routine now. While eating, we spoke about how boring our professor is. I would think that a class like psychology would be interesting, but some how my professor still manages to make me want to kill myself.

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Written September 22, 2003 by Matthew [27 Sep 2006|09:42pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Yesterday, Katlyn and I spent the whole day together. She said she wanted to do something different, so I decided to take her to a driving range. Not only was it a way for us to try something new, but it also let me whack a couple of balls. The driving range helped me get rid of some extra aggression and tension. The only problem was I couldn't hit the damn things. Half the time, my swing would miss everything except the air. Katlyn was just as bad. Most of the time, we would look up at each other and simply laugh at our futile attempts to drive the balls. Now I know for the next time not to buy the jumbo bucket of balls, it is way too many.

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Written September 14, 2003 by Matthew [14 Sep 2006|07:55pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Friday night I had the time of my life. In fact, it has been an unbelievable weekend altogether. I went on my first date with Katlyn. I know we have spent a couple of afternoons hanging out, but Friday night was the first time we actually labeled it a date. She put the whole night in my hands, so for starters, I decided to take her out to eat. This time, instead of a public school setting or my dorm, I made sure to pick a spot as romantic and personal as possible. The whole “movie idea” did come to mind, but since I don’t know her as well as I would like to, I thought it would be better to sit down and just converse. Going to the movies is fun and all, but I always felt it doesn’t give you time to chitchat. Instead, you are concentrating on the screen, not your date.

We had a great time in each others company and the food was incredible. After we ate our main meal, I told her not to have dessert. I took her to this little cafwhere they serve the best tiramisu I’ve ever had. I let her try a bite and she instantly fell in love with the taste. She kept asking me to give her just one more taste in a cute, soft-spoken voice. It was genuinely cute and every time she spoke, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

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VERY happy story [16 Feb 2005|03:11pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

my boyfriend made us official on VALENTINES DAY so our anniversary would be valentines day... our first date was on Friday, then the next was Saturday, then the next was Sunday, then he visited me at my house on Valentines day (AKA monday). So I'm swooning cause I had this kinda big crush on him before(and he had noticed me too but neither of us even talked) but that wsa mostly because I thought he was REALLY HOT(and I still do) so do most of my friends and hes really mature and REALLY likes me and thinks I'm beautiful...*sigh* its just great, I'm too happy, too many endorphines in my body right now and for the past few days.
We mostly talk about how happy we are to be near each other and if its over the phone then how much we want to see each other... did I meantion all we've done is kiss? and he never goes for my boobs or ass when he hugs me(which is ALL THE TIME) and when we're togethier its like we're one unit we're so close!
He calls me more than I do and I don't act all stalkerish like someone he'd never even met but they had hired my friend to stalk him!!! I dont worry about my appearence around him and I am always comfortable saying just about anything(just not things like 'feminine details' though he's cool about the fact I'm on my period too) and he looks like a male model but hes soo cute the way he says certain things and I just am REALLY happy!!
Oh and my MOM even likes him!!!

Somebody tell me this is BEYOND a perfect relationship??

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Happy VD Day! [13 Feb 2005|02:53am]

Dear Mushy-gushers, Happy Valentine's Day!!! May love and joy and chocolate kisses shower over you with everything good and warm and wonderful!

from jemal@thejemalshow xx)
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unamed [10 Jun 2004|02:37am]
[ mood | lonely ]

hey this is a short story, just wanted to post it . . .

“Please Billy, please?” she pleaded over the phone.
“I’ll see what I can do”
“Thank you, thanks so much! I love you Billy!” Billy laughed at this.
“Oh don’t be like that, I was just being friendly, you know that.”
“Yeah” he laughed nervously, “Yeah, I know. I’ll be there with my date at nine.”
“No, come at eight, I’m making burrito’s, wait, your date? You never said anyth . . .”
Isa began to question him.
“Oh, duh! ok, see you at eight.”
“See you at eight.”
Isabella hung up the phone and looked over at Laura. “All we have to do now is get a hold
of Josh.” She smiled at Laura’s big eyes. “Yes, he’s coming, just promise to not let
him to smoze you over with his charm, underneath that sugar coating is a monster.”
“I love it rough”
“Laura!” the two laughed as they made their way to ABC’s Liquor store.
Rusty hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist after drying his
hair. He had just gotten back from a picture shoot and interview for a magazine. It was
nearly Five o’clock in the after noon.
“Boo” Dom jumped out from behind a chair.
“Oh my god Dom, don’t do that!”
“Sorry mate, I just couldn’t help it. Your big blue saucers get fucking huge every
time” Dom spoke rolling in laughter on the floor. Rusty kicked him in his side.
“Shut up” he said pretending to be offended. Dom got up from the floor rubbing his side
as Billy walked through the door. “Jesus, why not! Can’t I get a little privacy, or do you
all want to see me naked?”
“We’ve seen you naked before, remember?” Billy looked at him and laughed at
“I was fucking drunk out of my mind.”
“By the way, you want to get like that again?”
“Drunk out of my mind?”
“Yeah” Billy said smoothly leaning on the door frame.
“Why wouldn’t I?” he replied why a big smile.
“Good question, be ready by a quarter to eight, it’s at a friend of mine’s house.”
“I’m so fucking there!”

They pulled up in Doms car. Rusty looked at the house and started fuming.
“What the fuck is his, what the fuck are we doing at Isa’s house?” he slammed back into
his seat. Dom looked worriedly at Billy who began taking his seat belt off and opening the
door to the passenger side of the car.
“You said that you wanted to get drunk out of your mind didn’t you?”
“Yeah, but I didn’t know the party was going to be at Isabella’s fucking house, GOD
DAMN IT!” he screamed.
“Come on mate, it’s not that bad, besides, she said she had some really hot
girlfriends coming over. Think about it mate, drunk hot broads, what’s the problem?”
“The problem?” Rusty asked in disbelieve, “The problem is that one of those girls is
going to be my ex-girl friend, that’s fucking problem.”
“You don’t still have feelings for her, do you mate?” Billy asked with a raised
“Oh course I don’t, it’s just fucking weird” he responded heatedly.
“Calm down man, she wanted you come over. She misses you man, she just wants
to see if you’re all right.”
“Yeah, I promise, if you’re not comfortable after a few, I’ll pay for a cab to take
you home, ok?” Dom negotiated. Rusty looked at him funny. “Why wouldn’t you be able
to take me?” Dom laughed and simply replied.
“Because, mate, I’ll be to sloshed to know what car is mine.” They smiled and
Dom held out his hand. “Agreed?” Rusty reluctantly took it into his own.
~*~ Isa stared out of the window at the car parked out front.
“All right ladies, our guests have arrived. Fight nice.” The women laughed in the
kitchen, they had already had a few shots.
“ SO who wants who?” Laura giggled out. All at once they started to shout.
“All right, SHUT UP! ok,” Isa cleared her throat with a smile. “We’ll pull names out of
a hat.” They quickly scribbled the men’s names on scraps of paper and put it in the trucker
hat that Laura was wearing. “Now I get to choose first because, well, it’s my party!” Isa’s
fingers clasped tightly on the tiny white paper, he eyes shut, and tongue half way
out, staring at the ceiling I concentration. Her eyes flashed open as the girls cluttered
her to see who she picked. She looked down and screamed. The rest of the girls let
out an angry sigh. Josh.
“You cheated!” Laura said jokingly. Isa faked gasped and then let out a big laugh.
The rest of the girls drew out the names. Laura picked out Dom, Anne got Rusty,
and Beth got Billy.
“ Why did I get stuck with Billy?” she sighed.
“Hun, you didn’t get stuck with him, he got stuck with you.” Isa said jokingly. Beth
stuck out her tongue at her.
The doorbell rang, and voices could be heard from outside the door. Isabella slid
across the tile to the door, slamming into it with her side and fell to the floor. The door
quickly opened as the other girls raced to her aid. Dom looked down at his feat where Isa
was lying. She looked up and smiled toothily. Billy pushed him out of the way and
through the door. He gently picked her up and sat her down on the small bench next to the
door. Rusty and Dom came in and began laughing at the woman rubbing her head, sitting
knock kneed next to Billy.
“Looks like they’ve started the party with out us!” said Dom tittering hysterically
the half-stupefied women infront of him. Laura walked up to him and put out her hand to
give him a hand shake but as he extended his arm she fell over into his arms. “Whoa
there!” he exclaimed. Eventually they made their way to the large kitchen where dinner
was set up on the island bar, and the bottles, already open, where on the counters. During
dinner the girls buzz had died, and they were ready to start again. Just as
Isa and every one else was preparing for the first after dinner shot Josh came through
the door.
“Wait up for me guys!” he said racing over and grabbing a shot glass quickly filling
it with Jack Daniels. Isa bounced up to him and lightly kissed his cheek.
“I’m so glad you made it!” she exclaimed excitedly. Almost everyone rolled their eyes at
this, but Josh had a smile on his face.
“Of course, I wouldn’t miss one of your parties.Wait.” He lowed his glass. “Let’s
make a toast. To”
“Now why do you get to make the toast mate?” Dom said. “Why can’t I do it?”
“Because, I’m an ex boyfriend, so it’s either me, or it’s Rusty.” Rusty scowled at
Josh so he held up his glass once more. “To remembering good parties, and not
remembering most of what went on!” they all toasted to them and slammed their drinks
After a liter of vodka, a fifth of Jack.Daniels and a whole 1/2 of a bottle of tequila
was gone, the party goers were beginning to slow down. The whole pick out of a hat thing
had become pointless because the girls had switched all around. Josh and Rusty were
having a shot contest. Anne was spotting Rusty, and Beth with Josh.
“Face it mates, your going down.” Josh spoke slurred pouring a shot, the
peach brandy spilling in tiny drops across the table as he pulled it back from the glass to
the cap back on. He slammed the shot as Rusty, accepting the challenge, started pouring
own shot, also spilling some on the table.
Dom and Laura were sitting outside on the porch swing talking quietly about just
about everything. In the living room Isa sat in deep thought looking blankly into the dark,
sitting with her legs stretched out on the old, warn couch. Billy walked in from the kitchen
and lifted her legs up as he sat down . Isa curled up in his lap and he wrapped her arms
around hem.
“What are you doing in here all alone?” he spoke softly trying not to disturb the
quiet serenity of the room.
“Being drunk and sitting on my toosh.” she said taking a swig of wine from a dark
bottle. Billy took it from her hand.
“You won’t be needing this” as he took a few swigs of it himself. Isabella laughed
and looked up as he put the bottle down to his side. Billy looked down into the green
gazing eyes staring up at him. Nervously he leaned his head down a tiny bit and their lips
Isa sat up a little bit with out pulling pack from his inviting lips. He put his left
hand on her cheek and his right on her hip. His tongue plunged deeply into her mouth and
the taste of brandy and merlot came to his taste buds. She began to straddle him,
her arms around his neck. Her left hands slowly began to move down his slim body,
reaching his thighs. Billy quickly grabbed them and tore away from her lips. He pushed
her off of him and got up from his seat.
“This isn’t right. You’re drunk it doesn’t mean anything.” he mumbled as he made
his way to the front door.
He shut it quietly behind him trying not to catch anyone’s attention. Dom’s head
shot up.
“Where are you going?”
“For a walk, I’ll be back in a few.” Billy said, pulling his sweater jacket closed
to the cold air. Laura and Dom looked at eachother confused, but quietly got up to go
inside the house.
Billy was walking at a fast pace down the sidewalk. His mind was racing. ‘What
was I thinking? She’s not even going to remember in the morning. Even if she was, she’d
hate me.” he sighed. ‘How can something so wrong feel so right?’ he asked himself.
He walked around for an hour, maybe two, he didn’t really care how long he had
taken. It wouldn’t take away the memory of how it felt, to have her kiss him, to have her
want him. Billy slowly made his way up the stairs and had reached the door knob by the
time he heard her quietly say his name. He sighed, now regretting more than ever what
had happened.
“Look Isa, I’m so sorry about . . .” before he could stop she interrupted him.
“No you look” she started off in a rage. ‘Here it comes’ he thought to himself. “I don’t
want to here sorry, because that’s not what I need What I need right now is . . .”
“What? An explanation? Is that it Isabella? Because I thought that you would
have figured it out by now, I mean”. Isabella got up and gently put her finger on his lips
hushing him.
“Shhh . . .” she whispered. “What I need to know right now is, do you regret it?”
Billy looked at her surprised. “Of course I do, I mean, I was drunk, you were
. . .” turned his head the other way, ashamed to look into her eyes.
“Well, what if I told you” she said turning his head with her hand on his chin “ that I
don’t regret it.” Billy skeptically looked at her as if there was some kind of catch, like he
was waiting for the punch line to the joke.
“Real . . .” her lips firmly smacked apon his. She slowly pulled back and
looked into his face. He smiled at her and leaned back into her with a more gentle kiss.

3 day’s later:
Josh sat in a chair, as Dom and Billy sat on the couch with Isabella between them.
Rusty was sitting on the floor concentrating on the game him and Billy were playing. The
half dressed custom made girl player won. Billy jumped from his seat has the screen
showed his wining score compared to Rusty’s. The player, a black haired, green eyed girl
danced on the screen around her bike. Billy sat down and leaned in to Isa’s lips for a
celebration kiss. They all knew by now. Josh looked at Rusty and the two just rolled
their eyes and looked away, laughing as Dom made comments
‘Ewwww. . . cooties”.

The End

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[02 Feb 2004|01:05am]

[ mood | loved ]

hey kids
I'm new to this here community.
Yeah I have a story to tellCollapse )

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[01 Aug 2003|01:14pm]

hulo. does anyone have a spare code i could use to give my boyfriend a live journal? you will be my best friend forever!!!!!
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[12 Jul 2003|12:38am]
Hi :)
My name is =Kitty=

....well thats what people call me, but I'm lookin into making lots of friends that has stuff in common with me ... and someone I can actually talk to or that will read my journal and post to it and I'll do the same back when I got the chance ...

Ok yea that was soo boring but if anyone is interested in me or sunthin let me no :) *YAY*

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Loved [25 May 2003|11:29pm]


by Sarah M. Dove
Dedicated to Louis A. Miller

I was thinking that
maybe this was meant to be
you know the way we always fall
together, pulled as if
the tide magnetic to the moon
making her rounds through
the sky connected by a thread
raising and lowering the blinds
to the world which is so uncertain

how you make me feel secure you
hold me in a tight embrace without
even being near
me i feel your love
the way you jump even though
you don't need to I would
never ask it of you and yet you
near touch the sky, so blue
all the time because of you. even
the grey is not so sad.

you make sure when
rain falls that I am
taken care of your body
covers mine sheilded from harsh
winds and cold in your kiss
i taste the sweetness in your words
i hear the gentle sounds of
the eternal heartbeat

so warm, so safe so well don't
wonder if i know how you love
me so completely almost
effortlessly you sing my
soul to sleep each
night a lullabye
meant just for me in your embrace
i know i am
taken care of i am
i am
in your arms.

behind the poemCollapse )
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